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Eun Jung Kim/ Ph.D.


Eun Jung Kim received her Ph.D. in Social Policy from Brandeis University, USA in 2017. Prior to joining Hanyang University in 2020, she was a Postdoctoral researcher at the Asian Demographic Research Institute (ADRI), Shanghai University, China. Eun Jung’s areas of interest are social policy and demography. At Hanyang University, she worked on developing a smart city model based on changing demography and social needs with Prof. Mi Jeong Kim. Since leaving Hanyang University in 2021, she is working at the Korean Women’s Development Institute, a government think tank, as an associate research fellow. Outside research, Eun Jung enjoys reading comics, going to art museums, and traveling.

김은정은 2017 년에 미국 Brandeis University 에서 사회정책 박사학위를 취득하였습니다 . 2020년 한양대학교에 입사하기 전, 중국 상하이 대학교  Asian Demographic Research Institute(ADRI) 에서 박사후 연구원으로 근무하였으며, 연구 관심 분야는 사회정책과 인구통계학입니다.  한양대학교에서는 김미정 교수님과 함께 인구 및 사회 변화에 따른 혁신적인 스마트 시티 모델 개발 연구를 함께했습니다.  2021년 한양대학교 퇴사 후, 현재 국책 연구소인 한국여성정책연구소에서 부연구위원으로 근무하고 있습니다. 연구 외로는 만화책 읽기 , 미술관 관람, 여행하기를 좋아합니다.

01/ 2020. 09. – 2023.12.

An Innovative Approach to Smart City in Relation to Demographic and Social Changes

인구 및 사회변화에 따른 스마트시티 혁신모델 개발

- Funded by National Research Foundation of Korea

As low fertility and population aging accelerates, changing population structure has been a key national policy issue. The need for new innovative smart city planning and development, which reflect changing household structures and demands, has been much called for. Existing smart city studies have been primarily based on architectural context without the socio-demographic evidence. This study is meaningful in that it is the first interdisciplinary research encompassing both demography, social welfare, and architecture knowledges. The study utilizes big data analysis from social welfare and microsimulation population projection modeling technique from demography to provide a new innovative smart city design model.