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Myung Eun Cho/ Ph.D.

Myung Eun Cho graduated from Yonsei University majoring in Housing & Interior Design and received her master's and Ph.D. degree from the same graduate school. She worked in the department of product development at LG Electronics Design Research Center and worked as a research professor in the Center for Sustainable Health Architecture, and the Department of Housing & Interior Design at Kyung Hee University. Currently, she is working on a research project "Intelligent Housing and Community Development for 1-2-person Households" at Hanyang University's Institute of Engineering and Architecture. In addition, she is trying to make housing study fun and easy for students through teaching ‘theory of residential studies as a liberal arts’ course. Areas of interest in research include planning and design of residential environment, user experience, space design from an emotional and cognitive science perspective, and housing related to smart technology. Cooking and fitness are her pleasures hobbies outside of research.