Lab Director

Prof. Mi Jeong Kim / Ph.D.

Mi Jeong Kim is a professor of School of Architecture at Hanyang University in Korea. She received her bachelor and master degree from Yonsei University, and her Ph.D in the Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition at the University of Sydney. She worked as a postdoc fellowship in the Department of Engineering Research Support Organization in UC Berkeley before joining Kyung Hee University. Her current research interest includes convergence issues such as sensing architecture, human-computer interaction (HCI) for spatial design, virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR), design education & strategies for creativity, health smart home & smart communities and cognitive studies related to design & environment. She has published many international papers and books in the field and participated as a guest editor and a committee member of editorial boards in diverse known international journals.

Prof. Mi Jeong Kim has published a total of 54 international journal papers, including 35 (SCIE) journal papers, 7 SSCI journal papers, 5 A&HCI journal papers, 7 SCOPUS journal papers in addition to 34 domestic journal papers. In addition, she published chapters in 5 international architectural books, participated in work as editors of 2 international books, and worked as a guest editor for 4 international journals special issues. She is currently the Editorial Board of SSCI Journal ‘Sustainability’, A&HCI ‘Journal International Journal of Architectural Research’, and SCOPUS Journal Visualization in Engineering’


International Proceedings (Editor)