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Undergraduate Class 

Housing Theory 

This course identifies critical issues to be considered for housings through designers’, theorists’ and researchers’ works and thought. On completion of this course, students will obtain an understanding of essence and changes in housings according to social changes and technology advancement and have a theoretical base for designing contemporary and future housings

Architecture and Interaction

The course identifies critical issues for architectural interaction and sensing spaces through works and thoughts of designers and researchers. On completion of this course, students will have a well-developed understanding of sensing architecture’ through the exploration of human computer interaction (HCI) in space and place from the architectural point of view.

Research on Digital Architecture

UX-based Design for Innovation

This course deals with in-depth research on design computing related to digital architecture. On completion of this course, students will have an insightful perspective on important research areas in the architecture domain by conducting research focusing on crucial issues in the architectural field of interest based on the understanding of learned knowledge and information from previous courses.

This course introduces students to principles and methods relevant to UX-based Design for Innovation in the architecture area. Through the analysis of real-world case studies, this course offers students a wide-ranging look at how people are using fresh design approaches and new capabilities to tackle complex problems.

Graduate Class 

Design Computing 

This course introduces the area of design computing including research trends and research methods. In particular, this course explores the major research issues related to design computing and draws up a research plan on the topic of design computing that is of interest, by looking at domestic and international research cases related to design computing.

Design Studies

This course provides graduate students with a comprehensive understanding of design research areas in order to develop a new thinking ability of design. On completion of this course, students will become familiar with current research trends in the domains of Design Studies, read papers analytically and comprehend the critical points that papers propose.